The Aidan Community

Young adult. Intentional. Community.


Young adult. Intentional. Community.

The Aidan Community is a network of young adult intentional communities in Southwestern Virginia.

Named after Saint Aidan, the Aidan Community seeks to gather people together who are longing for deeper community and a richer connection to God and their neighbor.

St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, the seventh-century Celtic Bishop, was a missionary to the Northumbria region of England. His method of evangelism was built on the long, slow work of relationship.


“With a few brothers, Aidan traversed both town and country on foot. The travellers turned aside to greet anyone they met, whether poor or rich, listening to them and becoming friends. If the people they met were believers, the brothers strengthened them in the faith and stirred them up, by words and actions, to the giving of alms and performance of good works. They asked unbelievers if they would like to know why they had come, and told them Gospel stories.” (Ray Simpson, St. Aidan’s Way of Mission. pg. 15)

With St. Aidan’s ministry as a guide, the Aidan Communities seek to reach out to young adults as they go about their lives and bring them into community.

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The Aidan Community is a missional initiative of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. All are welcome to apply and/or participate in the life of the communities in Roanoke and Staunton.



Rt. Rev. Mark A. Bourlakas, Bishop

Rev. Canon Connor B. Gwin, Canon for Social Engagement and Christian Formation


Aidan Community, Roanoke


The Aidan Community, Roanoke, is …

a young adult intentional community in the historic Old Southwest neighborhood of Roanoke, Virginia.

Four young adults, aged 21-35, live in community with each other and work/study in the area. The community members find their own work while living a life of shared meals, prayer, and community service.

Community members live in the house, while continuing to work, deepen their faith, and discern the call of God in their lives.

If you have been looking for a deeper community of Jesus followers or if you have the sneaking suspicion that there is more to this life, reach out and get more information. 



Aidan Community, Staunton


The Aidan Community, STaunton is…

a new community of young adults who come together to build fellowship and deepen their faith.

We are not a church. We are a community of people following the rumor of grace. We gather to talk, listen to speakers, and sing hymns in community.

We are affiliated with both Emmanuel Episcopal Church and Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton.

Our first event is coming soon! Stay tuned to this page for more information.